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HELD ON June 19-23, 2023

Every year, Victory Ministries, in partnership with Darrell Huffman Ministries, sponsors a youth camp for ages 6th-12th grades. This camp is held at the beautiful Ferrum College in Ferrum Virginia. Watch the recap video from the 2022 East Coast Camp here. For more information about 2023 ECC, click the button below.

My latest book “Reviving Your Passion” is available now.

In "Reviving Your Passion", you will discover four key areas where people need revived to experience revival. First, the people need to revive their passion for the Lord. Second, we need to have a reviving of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in and upon our life. Third, we need to revive and stir up our gifts and anointing's that God has given us to use for His Kingdom. Finally, we need to have a reviving in our heart to win the world, to touch lives and bring people to Jesus.
Except from "Reviving Your Passion":
"How do you know if you need a revival? What have you been  talking? What has been the tone of your voice? What are you  saying about yourself? What are you saying about our nation?  What are you saying about your church? What are you saying about  your family? What are you saying about your finances? What are  you saying about your situation now? You need to be filled with  the Holy Ghost and get the Holy Ghost back in your confession  because the Holy Ghost speaks of the wonderful works of Jesus  and the wonderful works of God. It’ll change your attitude and  praise. It won’t be hard to get you to praise God. You’ll begin to  sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. The next thing you  know, I’ve got a song in my heart. I’ve got the victory in my life.  I’m praising God. I’m worshiping God. I’m magnifying God. I’m  happy. When the enemy comes in, I’m like Paul and Silas, I pray,  put it in God’s hands, and start singing praise. I don’t care if my feet
are in shackles. I don’t care if I’m in the back of the jail. I don’t care  if I’ve been beaten by the devil. I’m coming out of this because I’m  full of the Holy Ghost, and you can’t keep a revival man chained  and locked up. He’s got to come out. I’ve got praise in my mouth  now and the Lord is on the throne of my life."



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