Serving God Releases Blessings

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Surely no one could tie God’s hands behind His back, could they?

Well, the Bible says that when Jesus went to his own hometown, “he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.” (Mark 6:5 KJV) One translation says that, in this instance, Jesus could only heal a few headaches and what have you. In other words, because the people did not believe, Jesus’ hands were, literally, tied behind His back.

In Serving God Releases Blessings, Pastor Darrell Huffman shows us how we can walk in the blessings that God has in store for us each and every day of our lives. Let these four messages open your eyes to the truth of what God really intends for you!

Titles in this series include:
  • Serving God Releases Blessings Part 1
  • Serving God Releases Blessings Part 2
  • Serving God Releases Blessings Part 3
  • Serving God Releases Blessings Part 4

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