Devils, Demons, And Deliverance

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 You will thoroughly enjoy and be blessed by these five powerful messages.

Starting with "The Truth About Halloween" where you will learn the many hidden facts of this "holiday" regularly enjoyed by children across the nation.

Then, in the following four messages, you will learn about Devils, Demons (yes, they know they are you?), and how you, or your loved ones can experience true Deliverance. 

These messages were recorded "live" in Pastor Huffman's seminar titled by the same name. You can be free from the bonds of the devil, and this series will provide a tremendous foundation for the battle that God expects you to win!

Titles in this series include:

  • Knowing Your Adversary
  • The Origin of Satan and Demons
  • Demons and Demon Possession
  • Christ's Victory Over Satan
  • Ministering to the Oppressed
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