Overcoming Perilous Times

It seems we are living in a time when things are being accelerated.  Prophecy is being fulfilled at an amazing pace.  We are also hearing many voices speaking of doom and gloom from both secular and sadly from Christian leaders also.  It is so very important that we press into the Lord and hear His voice in this hour.  We must get a firm grip on the hour and time we are living in.  By knowing the time, we will know how to conduct ourself.

I was going through some old notes and found this message.  I believe it to be a vital and significant word to us today.  I encourage you to study these notes and listen to the message.  It will strengthen your faith and give you good wisdom to follow in this time we are living.

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Overcoming Perilous Times

Text: II Timothy 3:1 - This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

 AMP  ...in the last days perilous times of great stress and trouble, hard to deal with and hard to bear.

 Perilous - (Grk) difficult, dangerous, furious, fierce

 God has warned us of these days and how we can overcome them.

I)      Make God your source and don’t let terror or peril hold you in fear or bondage.

 A)    Psalm 20:1-9 - v.6 - the Lord saveth His anointed

 vv.7,8 - our trust is in the Lord

 1)   Psalm 18:1-3 - The Lord is my rock…

 B)    Psalm 91:1-16 - When we put our trust in the Lord He becomes our refuge and protector. There is only one place of security and that is with the Lord.

II)     We must take our strength and use it to serve.

 A)    Matthew 20:20,21, 24-28 - We must stop using our faith to flaunt ourselves or to achieve great success.

 v.26 - We must begin to use our faith to reach out to others.

 1) We have an opportunity to serve and show the world the love of Jesus.

 2) A Believer is not measured by what you have but what you do with it.

 B)    John 15:13 - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

 We lay down our lives by reaching out to others.

III)     Jesus is the greatest example of serving.

 A)    Romans 5:6-10 - God loved us when we weren’t lovable and Jesus gave His life for us anyway. He became our example.

 Now we are to live in faith, trust God and be a light shining to others.


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