Seedtime and Harvest

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word law is defined one way as, “a rule or principle stating something that always works in the same way under the same conditions.”  A law is something that is absolute and can always be counted on to do what it says it will do.  This is true in both the natural and spiritual realms.

The Lord also set up everything to work by laws and the principles that He laid out in His Word.  The Word of God is the Law of God that always works and produces results.  When we look at God’s Word and receive it as a law and not a concept or a theory, it will begin to produce results in our lives.  When the Word of God becomes a law to us, it begins to govern our attitudes and actions as well as setting boundaries and direction for our lives.

When the Word of God becomes the law and standard that we live by it produces liberty and not bondage in our lives.  I John 5:3 says, “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.”

In Genesis 8:22, God laid down what I call an earth law that would govern the earth as long as the earth remained.  He said, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” As we look at this verse, we see all of these things in operation today.  Why?  Because they are laws and always work the same way under the same conditions.  We will continue to experience cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night.  I don’t care what some scientists are saying; man will never alter or stop these earth laws from working because they are God’s laws. 

Notice also in this verse it says, “seedtime and harvest.”  A natural law that God laid out to provide blessing to man is seedtime and harvest.  This is a law.  If you plant the right seed in the right soil in the right climate, you will produce a harvest.  It works anywhere for anybody because it is a law. 

Now look at Mark 4:26-29, 26And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground;  27And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.  28For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.  29But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.”  The same law that God set in motion to produce a harvest in the natural realm, the Lord Jesus set as a law to work in the Kingdom of God

The law of the Kingdom is seedtime and harvest.  To get the Kingdom of God to work for you, you must activate and operate its laws.  The Lord Jesus said the law that activates the Kingdom is sowing and reaping, so whatever you want to receive into your life you must sow.  To have friends, sow friendship.  To be loved, you must love.  Everything in the Kingdom of God works through this law.  The only way not to reap a harvest is to not sow any seed. 

With all the pressure that is coming against us in today’s environment, we can be tempted to pull back in many areas of our life.  If the enemy can get us into fear and cause us to forsake God’s laws, he can defeat us.  We must remember that God’s Word is an incorruptible seed that has within itself the ability to produce what it says in our life.  The key is to activate it by sowing it and acting on it in faith.  We must keep God’s Word as the governing law of our life.  When we do, it will produce the same results no matter what is going on around us.   

No matter what the need, the Word of God covers it.  In this time of uncertainty, we must do as Isaac did in Genesis 22.  Isaac heard and obeyed the voice of the Lord.  He stayed in faith and he sowed his seed.  Genesis 26:12 says, “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.”  We serve the same God.  We have the same laws.  If we do as Isaac did we can have the same results.  Seedtime and harvest is a law that will work for us today if we will step out in faith and do as God says.

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