Finding God's Will and Way

Psalm 84:11 gives us more insight on how God thinks about us, along with some revelation of what is expected on our part to receive. For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”  Every good thing God has, He wants to give to us. The only condition on our part is to, “walk uprightly.” That means, do things God’s way.

There are two keys to walking in the blessings of the Lord. First, we must discover His will for us. You can’t have faith for what you don’t know. All faith is based on knowledge of God’s will for us as found in His Word. Second, we must discover God’s way, His course or mode of action. How does God want to work His will in our lives? When we discover both God’s will and God’s way, and obey Him, victory is not far off.

Study this outline and get the message. Feed it into your heart until it becomes revelation in your life.

Finding God's Way and Will

I)     We must discover God's Will and God's Way of doing it.

A)    II Corinthians 4:13 - Two keys to faith operating successfully

1)    Faith must be based on God's Word.  The Word tells us God's Will so we can have faith.

a)    Hebrews 11:1,6 - Faith is believing, having assurance and conviction about the promises of God and that He will give what He has promised to us.

b)    Romans 10:17 - Faith and the Will of God is discovered in God's Word.

2)    Faith must be based on the leading of The Holy Spirit.  God leads us and shows us what to do by The Holy Spirit.

a)    Romans 8:14-16 - The Holy Spirit is our guide in faith.

v.16 - The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit and shows us how God wants us to do it.

b)    I John 2:20 - It is by the leading of The Holy Spirit we know what we are to do.

c)    Psalm 25:4,5 - We must know God's Will and the way He wants to work it in our lives.

v.4 - way (Hebrew) - A course or mode of action.

vv.4,5 (MSG) - You cannot override or supersede the leading of The Holy Spirit with your faith.  You must cooperate with the leading or unction of the Spirit.

v.4 - We must discover God's Will in His Word, then seek Him on how He wants us to do it.

B)     Knowing God's Will and following His course of action gets results.

1)   II Kings 5:8-15 - Naaman only received healing after submitting to the way God told him to get it.

2)   I Chronicles 14:8-17 - David knew to seek God for His Will and His Way every time he faced an enemy.  Even though it was the same enemy, God chose two different methods to defeat him.

Discover God's Will and how He wants you to act on it and your faith will produce great results.


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