The Power of Prayer

In Ephesians 6:10-17 the Apostle Paul tells the Church to be strong in their walk with the Lord Jesus. He tells them to draw their strength from Jesus and to put on the whole armor of God so they can overcome the attacks of the devil.

Then in verse 18 we see where this armor is to be used. We see that this is prayer armor. We are to use the power of prayer to stop the plans of the devil and release the plans of God. The Church can release the great power of God into this world when we pray.

I encourage you to study this outline and listen to the message, “The Power of Prayer.” For us to see a return to godliness and experience a great new move of God’s Spirit, we must pray. It is time for every believer to be a powerful prayer warrior. Together we can hold back judgment and release a season of revival in the Church and our nation.

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The Power of Prayer
(Amplified Bible)

I) The Prayer of Righteousness Can Change Things

A)   James 5:13-18 – Prayer prayed in faith from our position of righteousness will bring forth powerful results.

v.13 – Is anyone going through a problem? Pray.

v.14-15 – The prayer of faith has power to turn any situation around.

v.16a – The prayer of repentance and then prayer for reconciliation will bring spiritual restoration.

vv.16b-18 – The righteous prayer will bring forth God’s divine intervention in the affairs of this world.

vv.17-18 – Prayer changed spiritual and natural conditions.
Elijah wasn’t different from us. He didn’t pray and get results because he was a prophet. He got results because he had rightstanding with God.

B)   I Peter 3:12 – God will answer prayers of the righteous today as He did for Elijah.

1)   II Corinthians 5:17,21 – We are righteous, new creations in Christ. Our prayers can and will bring change.

C)   The Early Church Relied on Prayer

1)   Acts 12:5 – The Church prayed Peter out of prison.

2)   Acts 16:23-26 – Paul and Silas prayed and broke the chains and turned everything around.

3)   Acts 4:17-24, 29-31 – When they attacked the Church and tried to censor what could be preached, the Church prayed and released revival.

4)   Hebrews 4:16 – We can now come boldly before God and receive His grace and mercy to bring forth His will and change.

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