If My People

Proverbs 11:11 says, “When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes; evil talk turns it into a ghost town in no time.”  As Believers we have been grafted into the blessing of the Lord.  According to Galatians 3:13, 14, Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law and brought us into the same blessing that God gave to Abraham. Everywhere Abraham went, the blessing would be released.  Now we are to live in that blessing and let it release blessings everywhere we live.

As the righteous, we are to release the blessing into our cities.  To do this we must engage in the affairs of our city and community.  In II Corinthians 6:17, Paul told us to separate not isolate.  We are not to live like the world but we are to engage the world in conversation and share the gospel.

I encourage you to be involved in the affairs of our nation.  Be a light shining in the darkness.  We must not be labeled as the religion that is against everything.  We must be recognized as the religion that has answers to the problems.  Let us respond to all that is going on today, in love and the Word of God.

I pray this outline and message I am sharing with you both challenge and encourage you to respond to today’s challenges in a way that will change hearts and bring people to Jesus.

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If My People

I)     The Church is Given Great Authority to Bless the Nation

A)   Proverbs 11:10-11, 11 (GNB and MSG) - The righteous are to release the blessing of the Lord into their area.

v.11 - What Believers say and do is important in the area they live.

B)    Proverbs 14:34 (AMP) - Righteousness, moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation elevates a nation. Believers are to raise the standard and set the pace.

C)    Matthew 5:13-16 (MSG) - We are to release God's flavor and God's light to our community. God is not to be kept a secret.  We must reveal Jesus to our community.  If we don't bring God into our culture, we become a carnal, sensual, godless society.

D)    II Chronicles 7:12-14 (MSG) - Revival begins with the Church.

v.12 - God's House is a place of sacrifice and worship.

1)   Sacrifice - What we surrender of ourselves to God.

2)   Worship - How we exalt, admire and declare God's worth in our lives.

v.13 - Threefold curse:  no rain = sin, locusts = poverty, plague = sickness.

v.14 - Only by the Church turning back to God will cause our nation to return back to godliness.   The Church must return to God, then engage society and release godliness back into our culture.

1)   God's people must:  humble themselves from pride,  return to God and seek His presence,  quit trying to live their lives or have church without God's presence or involvement, and turn from their wicked ways.

a)   II Corinthians 6:17 - Come out from, separate not isolate, doesn't act like the world.

b)   Ephesians 5:22, 25, 6:1-4 - Godly marriages, homes, and children.

c)   Romans 8:5-6 - Quit living a flesh-ruled, carnal, worldly life-style.

d)   I Peter 1:13-16 - Pursue a holy life and grow in your Christianity.

e)   Matthew 22:37-39 - Fall in love with God again and let His love flow out of you to others.


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