We are for Signs and Wonders

In Mark 16:17 the Lord Jesus said, "And these signs will follow those who believe..."  As believers, we have tremendous power available to us. We were never created to be weak, beat down, barely getting along Christians.  The Lord Jesus has given to us His Authority, His Word, and the right to use His Name so that we could live victorious and be overcomers in this world.

To walk in this power and to produce signs that show God's love and power to the world, we must become dedicated followers of Jesus.  We must recognize that we were not saved just to go to heaven.  We were saved for the purpose of becoming one with Jesus in both life and purpose.  We are to enjoy His blessing in our life and we are to be His representatives to the world.

As believers, we are to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world as signs and wonders.  God not only wants to produce signs in your life, He wants to make you a sign to the world.

It is our time to rise and become signs and wonders to our generation.  Study this outline.  Let these truths get into your heart and let the Lord make you a sign and a wonder.

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We are for Signs and Wonders

I)     Believers are to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world as signs and wonders.

A)   Isaiah 8:18-19 (AMP)

v.18 - Believers are to be for signs and wonders for what is to take place.

v.19 - For the world to find its answers, it must come to God and not false religion or humanism.  It is up to us to present God's answers to the world.

B)   Matthew 24:13-14 - Jesus said the main sign for the end of age would be Believers full of passion, boldly proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom as signs and wonders to the world. 

C)   Matthew 9:35-38 - Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated the power of God's Kingdom.

v.35 - Jesus ministered as a sign to the world.

v.36 - Jesus saw the conditions of His day and was moved with compassion.

1)  Mercy - Feels people's pain.  Sympathizes with their problem.

2)  Compassion - Lifts people out of their pain.  Does something about their problem.

vv.36-38 - Compassion called for more workers to come to assist Jesus in bringing the people out of their defeated state and conditions.

D)    Matthew 10:1-8 - Jesus set in motion His plan to bring Believers into His compassion to lift people out of their sin, poverty, destruction, and sickness.

vv.1,5,7-8 - Jesus called them, gave them power, sent them out, told them what to do

E)    Two keys to becoming a sign and wonder.

1)    Mark 3:13-15 - You must come to Jesus and give your life to Him.

v.13 - Jesus called them and they came to Him.  He didn't force them to come.

a)  Revelation 3:20 - Jesus knocks but we must let Him in.

vv.14-15 - Come to me, proceeds Go ye.  Spending time with Jesus is what empowered them to go and be a sign to the world.

2)    Mark 1:17 - You must become a follower of Jesus.

1)  It's not just a one-time mountain top experience.

2)  It's a lifetime dedication and commitment to following Jesus and living your life as a sign to others.


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