The Prayer of Faith

In Matthew 21:22, Jesus said, "And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."  For Believers to live in victory and be overcomers, knowing how to pray and get results is a must. Notice the Lord Jesus gave us three keys to victorious praying in this verse.

First, He said, "things."  When praying we must be specific about what we are asking for.  Too many Believers just pray a general prayer, never asking for anything in particular.  Know what your need is; get a specific verse from God's Word that covers your need and then bring that need to the Lord.

Second, He said, "ask in prayer."  We must still ask the Lord for that thing we need.  In Matthew 6:32 Jesus said, "...For your Heavenly Father knows that you need these things."  Yet in Matthew 7:7, He said, "Ask and it will be given to you."  So even though the Word promises it and our Heavenly Father knows we need it, we must still ask in prayer to get it.

Third, He said, "believing."  You must ask in faith believing that God will give you what you ask for.  Believing is vital to answered prayer.  We must build our believing on the Word of God and God's willingness to perform His Word in our lives.

When we learn to pray as the Bible teaches us, we will see great results from our prayers.  I want to give you an outline with four keys to The Prayer of Faith.  I believe as you study this outline and put these principles to work, you will begin to see great results in your prayer life.  

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The Prayer of Faith

 I)     4 Keys to the Prayer of Faith

 A)   James 5:13-16 - There is Great Power in Prayer

 v. 15 - The prayer of faith shall save the sick.

 B)   4 Keys to Praying the Prayer of Faith

 1)   James 5:16 - Pray from your position of righteousness.

 a)   I Peter 3:12 - God hears our prayers when we come to Him in our righteousness.

 b)  II Corinthians 5:21 - We are now righteous in Christ - so our prayers are to produce power and results.

 2)   Mark 11:24 - Be specific about what your praying for.

 v. 24 - What things - know what you want and ask for it.

 a)   Hebrew 11:1 - Now faith is substance of things...

 3)   Mark 11:24 - Believe you receive when you pray.

 v. 24 (AMP) - Trust and be confident that it is granted to you.

 a)   Romans 10:14, 17 - All believing must be based on the Word of God.  You believe because the Word says you can have it.

 b)  John 15:4, 5, 7 - The prayer of faith will only work at the level the Word of God is real to me.  (Before praying we should meditate on the Word that we are going to stand on and build it into our faith.)

 4)   Mark 11:24 - Praise God until the manifestation comes.

 a)   Philippians 4:6 - (with thanksgiving) - add praise to your prayer.

 b)  Acts 16:25-26 - They prayed and sang praises - while praising God the answer manifested.


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